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Answered By: Ethan Annis
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As of February 9, 2011, in public spaces, the library has two bulletin boards and counter space on the circulation desk for displaying fliers.  The bulletin board in the reference area primarily for information about library related events.  If there is remaining space, high quality 8.5” x 11” signs informing students of events on campus can also be displayed on this board.  These events must be approved by the official club or governing body sponsoring the event.  In the Leisure Section, the bulletin board is reserved for information about the current displays or about the Leisure Section.  

1)    Information related to the library.
2)    Free events on campus
3)    Paid events on campus
4)    Free events off campus
5)    Paid events off campus
6)    Announcements offering paid services, products, housing rentals, etc.
7)    Fliers larger than 11” x 14”

The library does not assume responsibility for fliers nor does it necessarily endorse their messages.
After an event, fliers will be recycled.

To have a flier put on the desk, simply give it to a staff member at the circulation staff.