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    Richard Dawkins has written several books on many different subjects, so they tend to be scattered around the shelves. Here are the books we have:

    Books by Richard Dawkins in the Dominican University of California Library Collection
    Title Location Access or Call Number
    Richard Dawkins : how a scientist changed the way we think : reflections by scientists, writers, and philosophers by Alan Grafen and Mark Ridley  Online


    The Oxford book of modern science writing Dominican General Collection   Q171 .O87 2008
    A devil's chaplain : reflections on hope, lies, science, and love Dominican General Collection  QH366.2 .D38 2003
    The blind watchmaker Dominican General Collection   QH366.2 .D37 1986
    The God delusion Dominican General Collection   BL2775.3 .D38 2006
    The magic of reality : how we know what's really true (with Dave McKean) Dominican General Collection  Q173 .D38 2012
    The extended phenotype : the long reach of the gene (with D. C. Bennett)  Online


    Climbing mount improbable Dominican General Collection   QH375 .D376 1996
    Unweaving the rainbow : science, delusion, and the appetite for wonder Dominican General Collection  Q175 .D33 1998
    The greatest show on Earth : the evidence for evolution Dominican General Collection  QH366.2 .D374 2009
    The ancestor's tale : a pilgrimage to the dawn of evolution  Dominican General Collection   QH361 .D38 2004
    The selfish gene Dominican General Collection   QH437 .D38 2006
    River out of eden : a Darwinian view of life Dominican General Collection   QH430 .D39 1995


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