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Answered By: Michael Pujals
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Using One Line/Cite in RefWorks

One Line/Cite and Write-n-Cite create in-text citation placeholders, and also allow you to automatically format the document and generate a bibliography.  

However, Write-N-Cite is only compatible with:
Microsoft Internet Explorer
       ▪ Windows PC users running Microsoft Word 2000 or higher
       ▪ Mac users using OS 10.X version 3 or higher and Word for Mac 98 or higher.

It will not work for any other word processing program, operating system, or browser, and does not work off-campus at all.

Use One Line/Cite instead…
One /Line Cite will work any operating system, browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) or other word processing software (such as Open Office, Pages, Google Docs, etc.).

How to use One Line/Cite in RefWorks:

1.  In RefWorks, it is helpful to group all the citations you will be using for your paper in a named folder, and
     then select the folder so the citations are shown under the Reference Tab.
2.  Go to “Change View” and select One Line/Cite view. The citations are now in horizontal bars with tools on
     the right end of the bar.
3.  During the writing of your paper, keep this RefWorks view open.
4.  As you write, place your cursor where you want the in-text citation to appear, then go to RefWorks and click
     on the yellow cite tool on the right side of the horizontal bar of the citation, that looks like this {}
5.  A window pops up with the placeholder- Control+C to copy it.
6.  Go back to your paper and Control+V to paste the placeholder where you want it.
7.  To place a second citation in the same location, just click the cite icon {} by any other reference (Mac users
     may need to click twice).
8.  Be sure to “clear” the pop up window in RefWorks before creating your next citation.
9.  Continue writing and selecting in-text citations in the same way.
10. When you are finished, name, save your paper, and close the file.

To format your paper with in-text citations and create a bibliography:

1.  Go to RefWorks, select your folder, click “Create Bibliography”,
2.  Choose your output style (MLA, APA, etc.)
3.  Select the button “All in List”
4.  Click on “format a document and bibliography” (not “create a bibliography from a list of references”).
5.  Click on “select a file from your computer,” navigate to the file, and click “open”. A new file will be created,   
     named “Final--- (then the rest of your original named file)”. Be sure to proofread and check the in-text
     citations and bibliography for accuracy according to the citation format required.

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