Answered By: Michael Pujals
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To create a Table of Contents in Word you need to use Headings. Likewise for a Table of Tables you need to add a caption to each table; the Table of Table is then automatically generated based on those captions. The same thing works for a Table of Figures or a Table of Equations.

Adding a Caption to Tables

  1. Mouse over the first table that appears in your paper. A cross should appear in the upper-left corner just outside the border of the table. 
  2. Click on the cross and your entire table will be selected
  3. With your entire table selected, right click on the table. 
  4. From the menu that appears, choose Insert Caption
  5. A dialog box will appear. The caption section should start with Table 1 (because it's your first table). Type in a short description of your table's contents.
  6. You have the option to position your caption above or below the table; choose one and click OK.
  7. You now have a caption above (or below) your table
  8. Repeat this process for each table in your paper.

Creating the Table of Tables

Once you've added your captions:

  1. Place your cursor where you want your Table of Tables to appear (probably after the Table of Contents)
  2. From the menu, choose Insert > Index and Tables
  3. Choose how you want to format your table and click OK
  4. A Table of Tables should now appear
  5. If you move your tables or you page numbers change you can update the table by right clicking on it and choosing Update Field.

Keep in mind this is the same process for a Table of Figures or Table of Equations.