Answered By: Michael Pujals
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Citing evidence means that you giving credit to someone for their original work that you have incorporated into your own work. This happens most often when you quote or paraphrase an author using an in-text citation and a list of references.

For example, in the case below, I'm citing Payne for his quote and I'm using APA citation style to do this.

"In recent years, international relations (IR) scholars have revealed a strong and growing interest in popular books, films, and television programs. Many are studying and writing seriously about a diverse oeuvre of words and images, though with a notable tilt toward pop culture works of fantasy and science fiction" (Payne, 2017, pp. 211). 



Payne, R. A. (2017). Laughing off a zombie apocalypse: The value of comedic and satirical narratives. International Studies       Perspectives, 18(2), 211-224. doi:10.1093/isp/ekv026