Answered By: Michael Pujals
Last Updated: Feb 13, 2020     Views: 365

I'm assuming that you are searching within CINAHL and ProQuest Nursing.

In CINAHL (ProQuest is similar) you'll find at the top of the screen "CINAHL Headings".  Each article in the database has at least one Heading if not 5 or 6.  Each heading describes what the article is about and each heading is chosen from the list of CINAHL headings so that there is consistency throughout the database.

  1. Click on the CINAHL Headings link.
  2. In the search box try "interdisciplinary rounds" and see what comes up
  3. I found "Multidisciplinary Care Team" and "Patron Rounds".  Honestly, I need more info from you about what "Interdisiplinary Rounds" means to you.
  4. You can then check the box next to these terms and click on "Search the Database" to find articles in which both of those headings appear.

I often suggest searching in the Headings to make sure that you are using the same terminology as the database and to perhaps find words and phrases that you might not have considered before.

  • Also look at the articles that you did find.  Look in the abstract and see what important keywords are used. 
  • Are there subject headings included with these articles (if you found them in one of the databases, then there probably are)?
  • Try a search in Google Scholar

This might be a question better served in-person.  Feel free to contact one of the librarians to make an appointment to sit down with you.