Answered By: Michael Pujals
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When a patron indicates that a desired item is missing we:

  1. immediately offer to order the item via inter library loan. 
  2. Next, circulation staff fills out a missing book form, which can be found in the form basket, at circulation. 
  3. Then, a search is conducted for the missing item. 
  4. If the item is not found circulation staff changes the status of the book to “On Search.”   After two weeks, a second search is conducted.  If the item still cannot be located, the book status is changed to “Missing” in the catalog.
To ensure that items are shelved in the right place, every student worker is assigned a shelf range that s/he checks during his/her shift.  When the student finds a misshelved item, the status of the item is checked in the catalog and changed if necessary.  The item is then shelved in the correct location.

At the end of the semester, a report of missing books is generated and given to the collection development librarian who decides whether to purchase a new copy of the book or delete the record from the catalog.  If a book is later found, it can be again added to the catalog.

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