Answered By: Michael Pujals
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Setting up a MARINet User ID

  1. We have changed the "My MARINet" login process so that the name box is no longer required.
  2. You can now login with just your barcode and PIN
  3. You can also now substitute a user-friendly name, or "User ID" for your barcode
    •  You set the User ID up yourself, after logging in with your barcode
    • Your User ID has to be unique in the MARINet system. If you choose a User ID that is already taken, the system will not let you choose that
    • You can change your User ID at any time
    • The User ID must be between 6 and 25 characters in length
    • You can reuse a previous ID, as long as it is still available
    • You can log in with either your barcode or your User ID

To set up Your User ID

  1. Go to the MARINet main page
  2.  Click Login to Classic Catalog
  3. Login into your My MARINet account with your barcode and PIN
  4. Click on "Change E-mail or UserID"
  5. Enter the User ID you want in the box and click on "Submit"
  6. If the User ID you've chosen is already taken you'll ge an error message telling you that
  7. If the User ID you've chose is too short or too long you'll ge an error message telling you that

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