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Answered By: Amy Gilbert
Last Updated: Oct 20, 2021     Views: 53

The default on Windows PCs is CutePDF. To get around this:

  1. Take a screenshot (hit the Windows button, Shift, and "S" all at the same time). The cursor will turn into a cross. and drag that to highlight the part you want. It will copy this image to the clipboard.
  2. Open a blank Google Doc or blank Word doc, hit "Paste" (or press Ctrl and V at the same time). Print that document to IC-1 or IC-2.
  3. If you still get CutePDF, click "File" then "Download" then PDF. Make sure it's downloaded to the desktop. Open the actual file that's on the desktop (not the download link in the browser) and select IC-1 or IC-2.